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How To Produce Super Strength Pile (SS Pile)

By Harry Lee On March 25, 2009 No Comments

SS Pile or Super strength pile is a type of precast concrete piles, which mean the SS pile will be produced in the factory and delivered to construction site if there is a need. SS Pile is slightly different compare with other concrete piles, SS Pile has a widen radius and it can supports more loads from structures with fewer number of points. There is two types of stressing of tendons, which is post-tensioning and pre-tensioning, while SS Pile is using prestressing or pre-tensioning. Pile which uses prestressing is to strengthen the strengh of pile, or prevent crack and improves its’ strength so that the pile can carries more load.

Procedure and Sketch of How To Produce Super Strength Pile (SS Pile)

1) PC Bar Cutting and Heading

PC Bar Cutting and Heading1

2) Cage Forming

Cage Forming

3) Joints Setting

Joints Setting3

4) Concrete Placing

Concrete Placing4

5) Concrete Batching

Concrete Batching5

6) Prestressing


7) Spinning


8) Steam Curing

Steam Curing8

9) Demoulding


10) Autoclaving

Auto Claving10

These are all the steps of how to produce a SS Pile. All the procedures must be followed exactly and done it clean and neat. Safety protection must be carried on for workers who involved in the process of producing SS Pile. After the SS Pile has been done, it will be handled and stored in the factory or yard and ready for delivery.