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AuGeo Piling System

By Harry Lee On May 12, 2009 1 Comment

Rapid construction of maintenance free infrastructure on very compressible soil demands new foundation techniques which can be applied economically on large-scale projects. A new system named AuGeo Piling System was developed to construct embankments on piles, whereby a geogrid is used to transfer the weight of the embankment to the pile foundation. With this so-called AuGeo piling system it is possible to construct settlement free embankments within a very short time period.

AuGeo Piling System1

The AuGeo piling system is characterized by a relatively light piling system provided with a cap and an enlarged point. The piles are pushed into the soil at short distances by a modified drain stitcher. Compared to a standard ramming method, where it is very important that no rest settlements occur, small settlements will not affect the construction of an AuGeo system or the geogrid mattress.

Installation Of AuGeo Piling System

The AuGeo piling system consists of a corrugated HDPE casing which is filled with a cement mortar. The piles are installed from a working platform. A circular steel tube of dimension 190mm diameter is pushed into the soil by a drain stitcher type MY-200 with a force of approx. 40tons. The tube is closed at the bottom by a 5mm thick steel plate, which acts as an enlarged pile point. This plate remains in the soil. The tube is installed at a regular speed to avoid disturbance of the subsoil and any potential damage to the piles already installed. When the steel tube has reached its final depth, the HDPE tube of diameter 150mm is lowered into the steel casing and filled with a comment mortar. The mortar is mixed on site in a mobile mixing plant and pumped to a temporary storage bin on the installation rig or pumped directly from ready mix trucks. The steel tube is retracted and the pile is cut at its correct level, filled to the top if necessary, and provided with a concrete cap of dimensions 300x300mm. During normal operations, production rate of 20 piles per hour can be achieved.

Areas Of Usage

1) Highways and Railway Embankments
AuGeo Piling System2

2) Approach Embankments to Bridges

3) Light and medium Industrial Structures

4) Housing Development Area
AuGeo Piling System3

Advantages Of The AuGeo Piling System

1) Competitive costing. It is cheaper than normal piled embankments.

2) Speed of installation compliments fast track construction projects.

3) Easy to install, no vibrations and very small displacement.

4) Environmentally friendly system.

5) No post construction settlements.

6) Effective load transfer via 2 layers of high strength Geogrid.