How To Drill Bored Pile

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Usually bored pile is used for those tall buildings or massive industrial complexes, which require foundations which can bear the load of thousands of tons, most probably in unstable or difficult soil conditions. The method of drilling bored pile is different from RC Square pile or spun pile which are using driving method, the piling machine to be used will be different too. Bored piling works required specialist bored piling contractor to follow up instead of hiring general piling contractor. There is a simple step-by-step method on how to drill the bored pile in construction site.

How To Drill Bored Pile

1) Adjust the piling machine on the pile axis and haul with the auger to the drilling place.
Adjusting The Axis

2) Start drilling until the auger is filled.
Drilling Bored Pile

3) Return from the drilling level to the top of the pile hole.

4) Swing to the uploading area.

5) Unload the dirt in the unloading area.
Unloading The Dirt

6) Swing back to the top of the hole.
Swing Back

7) Repeat steps 2 to 7 until the pile is completely drilled. Relocated the machine and start steps 1 to 8.

8 ) Start erecting rebar cage using a crane.
Rebar Cage

9) Use funnel for dry method and tremie for wet method. Start pouring the concrete and finish the pile.

Video On How To Drill Bored Pile

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  1. maxwell silo
    December 5, 2009
    11:28 am #comment-1

    Dear Harry Lee,

    I have few questions regarding bore pile piling.

    1. I have a problem on the swamp soils where we encounter a number of big cavity with few layer of cavity. How do we can ensure to make smooth drilling on the drilling? is there any special method, equipments or special tecniques can be used.

    2. What the best grade of grout should we used to fill up the cavity and how much should we add in?

    3. How to perevent or minimise the concrete waste during the concreting? Normally we use concrete grade 40 and it very expensive if we used more for to fill up the cavity?

    I want to know for your expert advise regarding the matter above. I looking forward for your ansrew.

    Thank you & happy X’mas.

    Maxwell Silo

  2. ildefonso Candaza Jr
    April 21, 2010
    2:46 pm #comment-2


    I am now stationed in South Sudan for construction of bridges,we used bored piles
    for the foundation.So far,I have’nt encounter difficulty in bored piling.what querries me is the mahineries involved in the task. we are using Soilmec(crawler type).we have one mobletype of drilling machines,but it maximum length to drill is quite not satisfactory,it can drill 25meter maximum. Can you suggest any type ,spicifically not a crawler one.because during mobilization it lessen the burden of transforting such machine in the site.Our mobile type is getting older it needs rehabilitation.

  3. Alfredo P. Calugay III
    May 14, 2010
    11:40 am #comment-3

    I’m from Philippines.
    Many Construction here using bore pile foundation due to
    the condition of soil.
    I wanted to know how how long the bored pile concrete will last
    with regards to its capacity?

  4. Huot Khan
    May 18, 2010
    10:21 pm #comment-4

    Dear Harry Lee,
    Many thanks for your advices on this site.
    I want to learn on calculation of bored pile.
    Can you recommend a software for this matter?
    I’m from Cambodia, I’m very new about bored pile.
    Doing hope hope to hear from you soon.
    Best regards,
    Huot Khan

  5. zf
    July 8, 2010
    10:29 am #comment-5

    Instrument to perevent or minimise the concrete waste during the concreting.

    Please try JTG-1A Monitor for Underwater Concrete Elevation of Filling Pile manufactured by Shanghai Changji Geological Instrument Co., Ltd.

    The instrument is special instrument used to detect and determine elevation of concrete filling pile. It is suitable to detect concrete elevation of filling pile underwater as per Shanghai Industry Standard DGJ08-11 “Design Code for Building Foundation” and DBJ08-202 “Bored Pile Construction Specification”, or similar specification of other province. It is also suitable to detect concrete elevation of filling pile underwater for other piles.

    Adopts computer techniques, it can collect, analyze, calculate and process signal automatically. It has characteristics of accurate data collection, rapid answer time, high automation, reliable test data, and timely sound and light alarm, so the operator can determine and control preset position of filling pile effectively. This solves the problem that there is no instrument to detect concrete elevation of filling pile in the past. It can highly improve qualification rate of filling pile. It is the best instrument for companies and institutes, which are for high building, road and bridge, harbor and dock, marine oil platform construction.

    Technical parameters
    1. Preset position range: 0~30m (It can be extended to more than 50 mm for special order);
    2. Preset position error: ±0.3 m;
    3. Size of measurement probe: Φ50mm×980mm;
    4. Weight of measurement probe: 7.5 kg;
    5. Operation condition:
    (1) Ambient temperature:
    a. Controlling unit: -10℃~50℃;
    b. Measurement probe: 0℃~40℃;
    (2) Relative humidity:
    a. Controlling unit: ≤90%;
    6. Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50 Hz, 20 W; or uninterrupted power supply (AC 220V sine wave);
    7. Measurement mode: sampling in real time at fixed point;

  6. tunkumoksin tunku khalid
    December 2, 2010
    7:59 am #comment-6

    Dear sir,

    This is the first time i’m putting prices for bored pile.
    Please advise the calculation of volume for concrete to pour in the bore hole

    1. BP size : 1300mm diameter
    2. Depth of Bore Hole – 45 meters
    3. Cement Price : RM 250 per M3

  7. piyush halde
    February 23, 2011
    2:08 pm #comment-7

    dear sir,
    I am student of mech. engg design and presently working on design and developement of large diameter bored piles,design of augers for large diameter bored piles.please give the suggestion with regards of design of augers and a way to proceed for design calculations.

  8. Al M Misler
    November 30, 2011
    1:06 pm #comment-8

    I need more info on methods to Bore Piles to 20m deep and in soft Clayey Soils and pour them in

    Thank you!


  9. Bart Szczepanski
    December 1, 2011
    1:46 pm #comment-9

    Dear Sir

    This is the first time I am estimating the price for bored piles and
    I am facing some serious problems with estimating the amount of concrete.
    The question is what is the standard allowance (if any) for concrete poured into the pile.
    For example:
    – Pile diamter 800mm
    – Pile lenght 18m
    Teoretical concrete volume: 3.14 x (0.8m)^2/4 x 18=9m^3
    Additional concrete due to fact that pile is not a straight tube (allowance): 20% (???) = 1.8m^3
    Total amount of concrete with allowance: 10.8m^3

    Is ot OK to add this 20%? Is there any standard amount?

  10. Amina
    January 4, 2012
    6:04 pm #comment-10

    Dear Harry Lee,

    I’m from Laos.

    Could you please to provide me the Vedio for underwater bore pile construction step by step. Especially, vedio for concrete pouring procedure.

    I hope to receive your reply ASAP.

    Best regards,


  11. smartfox
    August 2, 2012
    12:14 pm #comment-11

    good day. i am a project engineer from PI. one of my projects required bored piling. can i ask some ideas from the experts for the following case i have encountered:

    1.) What is the best method to removed temporary pile casing after drilling when the soil is sandy or clayey.

    2.) Is bentonite susceptible to prevent cavity?

    3.) What is the ideal percentage of waste for concrete?

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