Cold Formed Steel Sheet Piling

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Sheet piling produced to this specification is usually manufactured from coils, decoiled and fed through a multi stand (roll) forming mill at ambient temperature. Through innovation and benefits of latest technology, Cold Formed Steel Sheet Piling is formed by continuous flat steel strip rolled into corrugated profile at ambient temperature. The cold working by rolling process could increase the strength of material and good section properties per weight. Nowadays, cold formed steel sheet piling is widely used in the industry for piling foundation.

Cold formed steel sheet piling has the similar application as normal sheet pile, the purpose of using cold formed steel sheet piling is same as normal sheet pile too, it’s used to create a working space for the workers to work under ground level. Additional, method of installation for cold formed steel sheet piling should be the same as normal sheet piling as well.

Benefits For Cold Formed Steel Sheet Piling

1) Excellent strength / weight ratio to save construction cost.
2) Precise and proven interlocking system which ease the pile driving and forming continuous straight wall.
3) Flexible production process to offer product the client’s required length, strength and delivery schedule.
4) Roll forming technology guarantee superior surface finishes of sharp and clean contours without die marks.
5) Accurate dimension to meet even tight tolerances.

Applications For Cold Formed Steel Sheet Piling

1) Structural protection for canalization
2) Retaining wall system
3) Effective permeability cut off system or confinement walls at polluted site
4) Waterfront structure for port facilities & jetty
5) Locks and dam
6) Piled foundations
7) Temporary excavations
8 ) Trenches for sewerage and drainage works
9) Bridge abutments
10) Power plants construction
11) Construction of noise barrier

How To Process Cold Formed Steel Sheet Piling

1) Raw material i.e. steel strip is continuously fed in to machine line.
Cold Roll Process 1

2) Cold formed steel sheet piling is formed by series of designed roller stations.
Cold Roll Process 2

3) Sheet piling is formed into corrugated profiles to achieve strength and toughness.
Cold Roll Process 3

4) Precise and consistence shape formed and readily used.
Cold Roll Process 4

Types Of Cold Formed Steel Sheet Piling

1) OU Section
OU Section

Advantage of OU Section Cold Formed Steel Sheet Piling :
i) An innovative sections for ease of installation adjacent to building.
ii) Suitably use for canalization work and river bank structural protection.
iii) Effective permeability cut off system.

2) OZ Section
OZ Sections formed continuous corrugation of web where specific location of the interlock symmetrically on both sides of the neutral axis. This will offer type of sections with effective section properties per weight.

OZ Section

Advantage of OZ Section Cold Formed Steel Sheet Piling :
i) An extremely competitive section modulus to mass ratio.
ii) Increased inertia, reducing deflection and allowing high-yield steels to be used for the most economical solution.
iii) Large width resulting in good installation performance.

3) OT Section
OT Section

Advantage of OT Section Cold Formed Steel Sheet Piling :
i) The combination of great wave depth giving excellent statical properties.
ii) The symmetrical form of the single element has made these sheets particularly convenient for re-use.
iii) Easy fixing of tie rods and swiveling attachments, even under water.

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  1. Zaied
    October 31, 2010
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    Dear Sir,

    I would like to know :
    1- What is the latest version of Standard EN 10249?
    2- Any specific terms for Cracks on product? Permissible level?
    3-Let say, my product length is 30.0 metre, the calculation of Bend, Curve and Twist remain same as standard or I can refer other standard?

    Thanks and best regards

  2. Cold Formed Sheet Pile
    October 12, 2011
    3:21 pm #comment-2

    As I know, in China, the largest cold formed sheet pile manufactuer,supplier and exporter is Shunli Steel Group

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