What Is Super Strength Pile (SS Pile)

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Super Strength Pile or SS pile is another type of piling which has higher strength and able to carry more loads from any structure with fewer number of points. Most probably SS piles are made of prestressed or spun concrete. SS piles are constructed in round and hollow in cross section and have the lengths up to 12 metres. SS Piles have a nominal bearing capacity in the range 1690 kN to 3500 kN. Of course, SS Pile has its’ own piling machine and it’s slightly different compare to other piling machine.

Super Strength Pile (SS Pile)

Super Strength Pile (SS Pile)

Features Of Super Strength Pile

1) Economical
Being economical is the basic consideration of every piling contractor. With the wide variety of sizes to choose from, SS Piles allow for optimum selection of sizes, wall thicknesses and lengths to meet contractor’s requirement. In additional to that, the higher strength also means that contract will need fewer number of points to cater for a designed column load.

2) High Concrete Strength
Owing to the Autoclave curing technology and high compaction induced by the centrifugal process, SS Piles are able to achieve concrete compressive strength of more than 78.48Mpa within a time frame of 24 hours. Coupled with SS Piles’ hollow circular cross-sections and prestressing, contractor will have piles with high resistance to bending. Higher concrete compressive strengths also allow SS Piles to be driven hard into rigid bearing strata to attain higher bearing capacity per pile point.

3) Durability
The carefully monitored spinning process which gradually induces a force equivalent to 35 times that of gravity will lower the water to cement ratio further thus increasing the concrete density greatly.

Though the high temperature and pressure of the Autoclave curing technology, the calcium silicate hydrate in the high-density concrete will stabilize and form crystals of tobermorite. Permeability is then reduced. Low permeability also means high resistance to internal steel reinforcement, making the concrete exceedingly durable.

Utilizing SS Piles in extremely corrosive marine condition can also be considered as the low permeability will prevent sulfate and also hinder the more vigorous chloride attack.

4) Consistent High Quality
The quality control team rigorously inspects in-coming raw materials to ensure their compliance with governing standards. An exemplary quality control program including periodical samplings and testings, is conducted constantly to guarantee optimum performance of the SS Piles.

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