What Is Piling

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Piling is a type of ground treatment which is driving a pile into the ground below ground level. Except sheet pile, other piles like concrete pile, timber pile, steel pile, bored pile are used to transfer the building load to the ground. It’s used to strengthen the soil so that the ground able to support the load of the building. While sheet pile is usually used to support lateral load and act as a supporting wall.

There is a lot of different types of piles in the market, many other type of piles have been occurred in the market and still increasing due to improvement of piling technology. Driving method, type of piling machine, procedure of piling are all take into consideration in choosing type of pile.

Concrete Piles

Length Of Pile

Normally the length of the pile can be 3metres, 6metres, 9metres and 12metres. The depth of piling to be driven into the ground is depending on the condition of ground. If a length of 3m, 6m, 9m, or 12m pile is not enough to support the load of building, another 3m, 6m, 9m, or 12m pile will be joint to the first pile and continuously until it’s strong enough to support the load of building. Or so, the first pile or we called it as “starter pile” will be driving in until it can’t be driven in anymore.

Precast And Cast-In-Situ Pile

Pile can be done in precast concrete pile or cast-in-situ concrete pile. Normally precast concrete pile is used for building work or we can known it as spun pile or RC square pile (Reinforcement concrete square pile). While cast-in-situ concrete pile is used for bridge work or we can known it as bored pile because bridge work has a larger load compare to building work.

Nowadays, piling work is an important ground supporter and is a must to be used on construction unless the condition of soil is hard and strong enough to support the load of building.

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    1. d.chakraborty
      December 20, 2009
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      Pls. inform me about different types of piling machine with brief description and diagrams with load calculation.

    2. sakinah
      January 15, 2010
      1:07 pm #comment-2

      dear sir,
      plez give me a long explanation of definition of piling in construction..
      please helping me to discover more about this topic..

    3. sakinah
      January 15, 2010
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      and such more knowledge about types of piles…which are concrete,timber and steel..
      pls inform..
      to i get a such detail information about thats..

    4. rajesh
      October 10, 2010
      8:27 am #comment-4

      detailed about cast-in-situ pile

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      August 29, 2011
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      i have piles patient please send me treatment thank, any one

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      December 10, 2011
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      i m a rig operater bt not having pile experience ,i have water well drilling experience . may i be a pile driver?

    7. deekay
      March 29, 2012
      4:18 am #comment-7

      pls i need a comprehensive details about type of pile commonly used in nigeria RC,steel and timber with a clear diagrams of both precast and cast-in-situ

    8. pankaj paliwal
      May 11, 2012
      2:20 pm #comment-8

      Dear Sir,
      May you please send me the details of bored piles with the details of rebarcage and concreting process with the technical specifications and details.
      It will be my pleasure.


    9. NULE
      May 15, 2012
      2:06 am #comment-9

      how is concrete pile joint after precast, when do we use various types of pile for structural work

    10. R. Vinodkumar
      August 16, 2012
      9:24 pm #comment-10

      We have to do sand piling in 15 cm diameter in 1.5 meter depth after earth excavation of 1.8 meter.
      First we tried auger piling we were not successful since there is no clay in the soil, it is tilt sand. the n value is 8-10. We tried immersing GI pipe of 15 diameter, there also we cant remove the soil, the soil get collapsed since the water level is below 30 cms from ground level.

      Please let me know any other method to do this.

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