Simple Sketch For Pile Driving

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Pile driving is the process which the piling machine drives the piles into the ground, the purpose is to strengthen the soft soil so that the soil able to support the weights or load of the buildings. Besides of building, piling also been using in bridges and wharf. Piles can be made of structural steel, pressure treated timber, hollow steel casing, reinforced concrete, or prestressed concrete. Types of piles used is depending on the condition of soil and surround environment, it may affect the total cost of piling works.

Sketch For Pile Driving

In the process of pile driving, it requires few piling equipment such as piles, piling machine, pile hammer, cushions and etc. Here is the sketch and rough definitions for pile driving :

Pile Driving

1) Crane
Crane or piling machine is used to drive the piles into the ground.

2) Hammer
Hammer normally made from steel. It’s used to knock on the top of pile and drive the pile into the ground.

3) Cushion
Cushion is used to put at the top of pile which the place that hammer will hit on. The purpose is to reduce the friction between pile and hammer, so that the pile will not be crack easily.

4) Leads
Leads is used to support the hammer and handle the pile vertically. Leads will be handled by crane or piling machine.

5) Pile
Pile is the structure that will be driven into the earth to strength the soft soil and carry the load of buildings.

6) Template
Template is like a framework that used to carry the pile, so that the pile can be driven in the right pile point.

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