Procedure Of How To Drive A Pile

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There is many different type of piles in the market, every type of piles has their own procedure of pile driving. Many contractors are not expert in how to drive a pile or procedure of pile driving. Here is a rough procedure on how to drive a pile. Before the piling process is carrying on, soil investigation have to be carried on, so that piling contractor knows what is the condition of soil. If it’s normal soil then the normal piling procedure can be carried on, but if the soil contains rock or stone, another piling procedure will be carried on. The cost for that also will be affected.

Procedure Of How To Drive A Pile

1) Mob Or Bringing Piling Machine To The Site
Firstly, clarify the location that the piling machine has to be moved to. After that, the piling machine will be moving in to the location in site. The piling machine will be set on place.

2) Driving Initial Pile
After bringing in the piling machine, first pile or starter pile or initial pile will be ready to drive in to the ground by following the pile point that shown in the construction drawing. The initial pile will be driven in to the ground until maximum or can’t be driving in anymore.

3) Driving Extension Pile
If initial pile has been fully driving in to the ground, the second pile or extension pile will be jointing to the initial pile and drive again. The extension pile will be driving into the ground until maximum as the initial pile.

4) Cutting Off Pile Head
Let’s say the 6 metres extension pile has been driving in to the round 3 metres depth only and can’t be driving in anymore. The excessive of 3 metres extension pile will be cutting off.

5) Preparation Of Pile Head Or Pilecap
After cutting off the excessive pile, excavate the soil surrounding of the pile about 300mm depth for preparation of pilecap.

6) Load Test
The purpose of load test is to test the strength of the pile. A certain load will be putting on the pile for a certain period. If the concrete pile is crack, which mean the concrete pile is failed to support the load. If the concrete pile left for certain days without any crack, which mean the concrete pile is strong enough to carry the load of the building. Normally load test will be carried on before driving the pile to the ground. If the load test for the concrete pile is failed, then the contractor has to supply another batch of concrete piles.

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  1. Romualdo D. Aguja
    May 31, 2010
    5:30 pm #comment-1

    This piling procedure did discuss the step-by-step procedure but failed to discuss on how to check and/or maintain the verticality limitation for construction. I hope this blog can help us out on how to do piling with verticality limitations and for some project, orientation limitations.

  2. low sm
    January 4, 2011
    10:17 am #comment-2

    How to ensure the verticality of the pile is within tolerance limit?

  3. Manoj kumar
    July 30, 2011
    12:12 pm #comment-3

    The verticality of pile is maintained through the verticality of temporary liner checking through the plumb bob at the inner faces of temporary liner in right angled points.Apart from it,The piling rig ‘s kelly has to check for verticality along with Track chain to keep in horizontal plane. The permissible limit of verticality of pile is 5mm./metre.

  4. george cruzado
    April 22, 2012
    6:32 pm #comment-4

    why do we have to excavate the soil sorrounding the pile for the cap preparation?

  5. Romao Carvalho (Mr.)
    May 22, 2012
    9:52 pm #comment-5

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