How To Handle And Store Pile

Written by Harry Lee Under Super Strength Pile

Pile can be done in precast or cast-in-situ, cash-in-situ pile which is casted on the site, while precast pile is casted in the factory and deliver to construction site. This article will be teaching you how to handle and store the precast pile after it has been casted in the factory. Basically this article is writing about handling and storing hollow section pile such as Super Strength Pile (SS Pile). It has several steps need to be followed.




Procedures Of Handling and Storing Piles

1) Two point lifting position to be pitched at 0.2 x L distance from the pile ends (Diagram 1a as above). Alternatively, lifting from the pile ends is to be executed with the following controls :-

i) No jerking movements by the crane.

ii) Crane must be stationary.

iii) Vertical lifting rate at slower pace.

iv) Boom of crane to be swung at minimum rate of movement.

v) Piles are to be carried one at a time.

vi) Wire ropes are to be capable of carrying the load.

vii) Free rotation of the top swivel is to be ensured (Diagram 2 as above).

viii) Wire ropes are to be inclined at least 45 degree acute angle with the pile body. (Diagram 2 as above)

ix) Only PPDC verified / authorized hooks are to be used.

x) Two flat M.S. plate hooks are to be used at cross fin shoe ends or circular / torus hooks for conical shoe ends.

xi) Stoppers are to be put at both sides of the piles and fastened to be ground. (Diagram 1b as above)

2) Lifting from one end for pitching is at 0.2 x L. Pile is to be fastened in such a way to prevent slipping (multiple loop grip tie) with the following controls :-

i) No dragging along ground.

ii) Lifting rate at slower pace.

iii) Lifting piles from the ground is to be done at the open-ends with “C” hook.

iv) Nothing must be below the pile at transfer.

3) Refer to diagram 1a and 1b above for storage details.

i) Piles are preferably to be stored according to their respective lengths.

ii) Spacers of 2″ x 4″ hardwoods are to be placed at 0.2 x L from both ends of the piles and in between the 2 layers of piles.

iii) Preferably the ground is levelled and compacted with a 100mm thick bed of 20mm aggregates.

Handle SS Pile

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